AVAAC's Committee

AVAAC is administered by an elected committee. The 2015/16 committee is listed below

  • President - Phil Walters
  • Vice President - Robert Servini, John Cooper, Tyrone O Sullivan
  • Chairperson - Daniel Bodman
  • Vice Chairperson - Anthony Jenkins
  • Hon. Secretary - Ann Crimmings
  • Membership Sec. - Ann Crimmings
  • Treasurer - Ann Jenkins
  • Gwent League Manager - Anthony Jenkins, Jeremy Horton, Simon Jones
  • Under 15 Junior League Track Manager  -Anthony Jenkins, Simon Jones, Jeremy Horton
  • U17 and Senior Track Manager - Steve Julier

AGM 2015 Minutes

A copy of the minutes from the 2015 Annual General Meeting can be downloaded below. The next AGM will be in April 2016 (date to be confirmed)