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The Acadia Valley Amateur Athletic Club extends a warm welcome to all of you who are visiting our website on the world wide web!

Where is our athletic club, you ask? Nestled in Southeast Alberta Canada, our hamlet is close to the Alberta-Saskatchewan border. With a population close to 500 residence, we are a close knit community. Known as the ‘dry belt’, our municipal district is a small but rural community of hard working residents. With a strong farming foundation, we have several local farms who have reached their 100 year milestone of operation.

With our hamlet relying heavily on the land and outdoors for survival, it’s no wonder our athletic club loves getting its members outdoors for fun activities. Maintaining a unique recreational guide with activities that include (but are not limited to) geocaching and letter-boxing, road cycling, cross country skiing and snowshoeing, road running groups, and our newest edition to the schedule: work outs of the day!

We have classes and programs for people of all ages; from kids to seniors and everything in between! We even offer free day care for those parents out there! Acadia Valley Amateur Athletic Club (AVAAC for short!) also offers after school mentoring programs for students of all ages. Whether you are looking for tutoring help with homework or are interested in one of our extracurricular activities, the options are endless here at Acadia Valley Amateur Athletic Club!

Our athletics club is more than just a recreational facility – we’re a family! Stop in to say hello! Any one from our incredible team would be more than happy to give you a tour and a run down of everything our community driven club has to offer.

Our regular hours are listed below, but are subject to change due to holidays, special events and inclement weather. (See our classes and events page and/or contact page for more information!)

Got a question? We’re here for you! Send our facility a message to this email address:

Monday: 7am – 10pm
Tuesday: 7am – 10pm
Wednesday: 7am – 10pm
Thursday: 7am – 10pm
Friday: 7am – 10pm
Saturday: 7am – 7pm
Sunday: 7am – 7pm