Health and Fitness Resources

Here at Acadia Valley Amateur Athletic Club, we place a strong emphasis on a healthy mind and body. The staff here believe that eating right, moving your body on a regular basis and getting sufficient rest is the holy trinity of health.

Below you will find a collection of health resources we have put together for our members to enjoy and hopefully learn from. We believe it’s important to stay healthy at every age, so these resources cover all ages!

  • SuperKids Nutrition – brought to you by dietitian Melissa Halas-Liang, this website provides recipes, healthy living articles and other tools and resources to get your children of all ages excited about health and nutrition!

  • Dole’s Children Health – The Dole company has put together an excellent set of resources for educators, parents and children alike. From fitness activities that are fun to recipes the whole household can make, this is a wealth of health resources.

  • Cooking at Home – A parent’s guide to healthy recipes and cooking tips for the whole family.

  • Nutrition and Fitness Center – provides families with a slew of information on staying fit, how to exercise safely and properly in addition to healthy recipes and how to deal with special dietary needs.

  • Learn to Be Healthy – is a websites for educators that provides health and fitness activities and lesson plans by grade, location and topic.

  • CDC’s BAM! Body and Mind – the Center for Desease Control and Prevention has provided a website for children to supply them with everything they need to know about diseases, food and nutrition, physical activity, general safety and more!

  • Healthy Body Calculator – has provided you with all of the calculators and tools you need to remain healthy. Curious to know what your ideal BMI should be? Put the numbers in and do the calculations.

  • Physical Activity for Children and Youth – Canada’s Caring for Kids has provided educators and parents with all of the information they will need to keep kids active and in peek physical condition.

  • Senior’s Health – Canada’s has provided seniors with a FAQ of common concerns on health and wellness. Whether you are looking on information for modified fitness activities or tools and resources to keep your mental health in check, this website has it all.