Acadia Valley Amateur Athletic Club Staff

The Acadia Valley Amateur Athletic Club is proud to present to you our incredible staff. Every staff member of our club goes above and beyond for not only our facility, but for our community as well. Every Acadia Valley Amateur Athletic Club staff member has a multitude of responsibilities at our facility; whether it be both as a trainer/class instructor and tutor, or as an after school mentor and child care specialist, you will get to know these faces well. Feel free to pick up our ‘About Us at AVAAC’ pamphlet at the front desk to read more background information about our crew here at Acadia Valley Amateur Athletic Club!

Note: Unfortunately, due to excessive amounts of SPAM we were starting to receive, we had to remove the individual email addresses of our staff members. Sorry!

If you are looking to contact a specific person, please send an email to this email address: …and please put the name of the person you wish you address in the subject line! (Please note we have two Justin’s who work here, so please include a last name!) It will get passed along to the right person via our wonderful office staff!

Conner Boyd (member services)

Jaime Burke (personal trainer)

Leslie Matthews (personal trainer)

Michelle Turner (communication coordinator)

Justin Kitt (outreach specialist)

Justin Millet (personal trainer)

Kelly Wyle (education specialist and after school tutor)

Patricia Gould (member services and technology coordinator)

Amanda Laurel (child care specialist)

Rachel McCoy (personal trainer)

** We are always looking for community volunteers here at Acadia Valley Amateur Athletic Club. After school tutors, mentors and child care specialists are always needed! You must be 18 years and older to volunteer and work at our facility. If you are certified in first aid and CPR, it is a major plus, as you are required to get certified in both before accepting a job here! We have many different time slots available and are more than happy to work around schedules. If you are interested in volunteering at Acadia Valley Amateur Athletic Club or applying for a possible job, please contact Conner Boyd!