Tutoring and Mentoring

Here at Acadia Valley Amateur Athletic Club, we place a heavy emphasis on not only staying active physically, but keeping your brain active as well. Just ask the seniors in our Senior Brain Boosters class; they’ll beat you at trivia any day!

We offer after school tutoring every day of the week, for all grade levels. To sign your child up for after school tutor and mentoring, please contact Kelly Wyle at athletics@avaac.net (Please put her name in the subject line, thank you!)

Are you curious as to why you should enroll your child into after school tutoring and mentoring? Kelly has put together a small collection of peer tutoring and mentoring resources for you to read through. These are excellent overview resources for those who are not only interested in the benefits of tutoring and mentoring, but who also might be interested in volunteering their time here at the center. Please read through them all!

  • Building Effective Peer Mentoring Programs in Schools (.pdf file) – this introductory guide from the Corporation for National and Community Service explains what peer mentoring is, how to plan training and agenda guides, and how to focus on activities for specific groups and individuals.

  • Benefits for Youth, Families and Communities – Youth.gov provides a fantastic statistical study of how after school programs benefit both children, communities and parents alike.

  • Peer Resources Canada – This website provides navigation tools for peer assistance, tutoring and coaching.

  • How Tutoring Helps – Oxford Learning provides 15 bullet points as to how and why after school tutoring helps children.

  • A Guide for Peer Mentors (.pdf file) – This how to guide from Eastern Connecticut University provides a complete overview for general peer mentor responsibilities and information.

  • Peer Mentor Training (Slide show) – This slide show from slideshare.com was put together by the Mayor’s office for children, youth and families of Charleston, SC USA. The slide shows discusses the roles of a mentor, boundaries during mentoring and communication how-tos. Anyone interested in peer mentoring should view this slideshare.

  • The Benefits of Peer Mentoring – The American Psychological Association has put together a quick read about the positive effects peer mentoring has on children.